MBP Daily Three: Addicted to Miserable


3 Birds

Mind: I’ve had a lot going on this week, and it’s felt more stressful than any in the recent past. After venting to a friend I respect very much, she shared the following: “If you can’t stop feeling overwhelmed you should consider that maybe in some ways you do derive pleasure from it.”

Any time you hear that kind of realness, it’s only natural to resist. “No way am I responsible for making my own life this miserable; I’m a victim of circumstance here!”

But I know she’s really onto something.

So I’m going to spend some quiet time this evening reflecting on the ways I benefit from feeling overwhelmed, overworked, stressed out, or put upon. In what ways am I addicted to feeling stressed out? And what would happen if I just… decided to let go?

Body: I was pretty much chained to my computer today, and by the time 5 o’clock rolled around, I felt like I needed to run for the hills. So I did the next best thing: I got on the subway and headed toward the gym, where I could spend an hour or more getting OUT of my head and INTO my body. A nice walk through Madison Square Park on my way there gave me a much needed dose of green foliage, playful squirrels, and crisp autumn air.

Plate: Green juice, green juice, green juice. Need I say more?

What about you? Are you addicted to a behavior that’s making you miserable? 

5 thoughts on “MBP Daily Three: Addicted to Miserable

  1. EXCELLENT post today! (Not that your other posts are EVER less than… but today really spoke to my heart and just got right in there.)

    I constantly feel plagued by my victimizing circumstances and by my lack of self confidence. I think what kills me is that I just don’t know how to make it better. I know what’s happening when it’s happening – but I just don’t know how to combat those feelings when I’m going through it.

    Anyway, you’re a genius and I love this blog.

  2. Still loving the MBP Daily Three! Just taking the time to think about how to spend my day utilizing them is a sweet little meditation moment! What has been easy and fun is looking back at some personal goals that I have been practicing over the past year or so, and seeing how they fit into benefiting my Mind, Body, and Plate. It helps me keep the goals fresh in my head and also serves as a great way to spend my daily three, especially during those long days that feel like it’s impossible to find time for oneself.

    One example for my Mind, a year ago I decided that it was time I stopped bringing the emotional baggage of work home. Talking about work while at home is expected.. Working at home is fine and comfortable.. But I was in the habit of bringing home the stress far past from when I clocked out. I was clearly feeling a sense of relief after dumping my angry sentences and tears of frustration on whoever would take it, which by default ends up being my spouse, the one person I should be my happiest and most relaxed with. I was feeling relief, but it wasn’t a healthy release of stress. Since then I have focused my Mind on separating my job from my personal life. Like any habit it was difficult to break and takes a lot of revisiting, but now I couldn’t be happier. If I have a rough day, I make sure I handle it with meditation, yoga, or a bubble bath… Before I know it, I don’t even remember what I was upset about in the first place.

  3. WELL! After an exhausting weekend visiting family out of state with the inevitable PMS (great timing, uterus!) I found myself back home alone.. Alone for the first time in a WHILE. And what did I do? Unconsciously binge my way through the day.. Pasta.. Ice cream… Cereal… Smoothie.. More pasta… All of my portions were normal, but I found myself in a zombie-like state, letting my cravings lead me no matter what my mind or stomach had to say about it. Clearly, my stress had taken control of my actions.

    And boy was my body mad at me the next day! Trying to not be too hard on myself, I thought about my MBP Daily Three. I needed to work on it from all angles. I first focused on my plate. Greens greens greens! I listened to my body and it was screaming for greens! My body started to feel better almost instantly. Then, I set time aside each night to practice yoga stretches while watching TV instead of sitting my bum on the couch. And for my mind, I had a light and wonderful talk with family (you!) to see what feelings or emotions were driving my solo smorgasbord. Three days later, I feel wonderful. Now that my body and plate are back in my body’s comfort zone, I have been able to focus on what was really on my mind. My Daily Three were fantastic tools to helped me not look back at my buffet with shame, but made me feel oh so prepared for the next rough day of whatever comes my way.

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