MBP Daily Three: Financial Health

MBP3 is a series dedicated to walking the walk. What are 3 things you’ve done today to nourish your mind, your body, & your plate?
Kale by Brian Reed

Kale by Brian Reed

Some days, you just feel a little bit low. Nothing in particular is bothering me, I’ve just been struggling to stay uplifted. Maybe it’s the changing season; maybe I’ve been pushing myself a little too hard; maybe it’s just an unavoidable hormonal shift. It doesn’t really matter, because I’ve learned to take these days in stride. I’ve learned to interpret them as a sign: time to embrace and support myself more fully than ever!

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

Body: I didn’t feel like going to my favorite yoga class this morning. What?! Nonsense. I told myself that I just had to make it onto my mat, that if I got there and wanted to spend the whole class in Child’s Pose that’d be just fine. So I went, and of course, once I got moving, it felt wonderful. As usual, it filled me with joy and with pride, and I’m so grateful that I made it.

Plate: For lunch, I threw together a nice, big salad, with kale, quinoa, black beans, onions, avocado, pickled jalapeño, and sauerkraut. On my husband’s advice, I added a teaspoon of black olive & garlic tapenade to a straightforward olive oil and balsamic vinegar pairing. It was a home run!

Mind: Supporting your mental health isn’t always about relaxing or getting all zen. In fact, sometimes the very tasks we find aggravating, challenging, or downright boring are the ones that set us up for long-term peace of mind. So, I spent an hour this afternoon looking at my finances. In particular, I searched among my spending trends for clues as to how I can better save (hint: I could cut back a bit in the “Food & Dining” department – I’ve been on a raw vegan restaurant kick lately and they are not cheap). I prefer to use Mint.com, but there are plenty of financial planning resources available online. If, like me, you’re really in need of a financial makeover / wake-up call, I highly recommend Barbara Stanny’s book Overcoming Underearning; her website has a great collection of resources as well.

How are you faring this week? Are you finding it easy to incorporate the MBP3?

2 thoughts on “MBP Daily Three: Financial Health

  1. Well I had a stressful weekend at work so as difficult as it was to focus on my MBP Daily Three, it was so important that I did so! I started with my breakfast for my plate. Knowing I would have long days, I woke up earlier than usual to have an energizing breakfast of a hard boiled egg, banana, and a whole wheat bagel with natural peanut butter. But working in a bakery, it is all too easy to settle for the tasty almond croissant that doesn’tquite offer the punch of energy needed for a days work! Later in the day to release stress on my body, I treated myself to a rose water clay mask and used the 10 minutes it took to dry as a time to meditate. Which was also wonderful for my mind! And after keeping my MBP Daily Three in mind, I also made a point this weekend to finish reading a book that I have been stuck on for a few months. Even If I can only find time in the day for one, it has been so relaxing to take a bit of time for myself each day!

    • This makes me absolutely elated! Starting the day of with a good breakfast can be the biggest challenge, so congrats. Did you notice a difference in your energy levels? And I need me some of that rose water clay mask – sounds divine!

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